Don't hesitate to decapitate

Yesterday was hopping with two interviews - the lovely and talented Eric S Brown's Q/A for Naked Snake Press and the most awesome book bloggers I've met out there, the Paperback Dolls with their Zombie Week questions and giveaway of HUNGRY FOR YOUR LOVE. As always, I try to keep things professional, dignified and slightly off. 

A sample from the Paperback Dolls interview:

The Zombies are loose and the military is telling people to abandon their homes and seek refuge until the situation is contained. What books would you take with you if you could only bring three?

I'd be packing heat so I'd need Sarah Palin's Guide to Big Boom Sticks; 101 Ways to Cook Vermin and, of course, The Hooters Guide to Quantum Physics.
What is it about Zombies that attracts so many different types of people to read books or watch movies about them?

Zombies have a sense of humor. They're neither moody like vampires nor whiny like ghosts. They have the whole "I'm going to eat you" thing, sure, but at least you'll get a chuckle out of it before they bite through your skull. You can count on a zombie to take you to fun places. He may be chasing you through them but at some level you'll appreciate the gentle beauty of the Undead. Humans are attracted to zombies because they're not unlike the people we dated in college. Though with more potential.

If zombies could be put to sleep by reading boring books, what book would you use as a weapon?

I'd go with War and Peace. That way when they nod off I can hit them over the head with it. Remember those movies where the heroine knocks out the villain and starts doing her nails only to have him rise up in back of her with bad background music? Not me, baby. Don't hesitate to decapitate.
Thank you to both the Dolls and Eric!

If you've missed the AOL City's Best - Seattle interview for the upcoming zomBcon, it's a pip!

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