Hungry for your autograph? zomBcon schedule for next weekend!

I'll admit, zomBcon is making me a little nervous. This will be my first book signing, first time on an author panel and the first time with mice in my hair. If you've met me before, you'll know I'm more freaked out about the mice than the other two. But for the sake of room in my suitcase for con swag, I'm going the easily-packable mice route so I can meet up with Melanie and her towering red beehive for me to wear on my favorite holiday.

I'd love to see y'all if you're around the Seattle area or during zomBcon!

My schedule:
  • Friday, October 29: 7p at the VIP cocktail party sippin' zombies and dirty martinis
  • Saturday, October 30: 12p at the Barnes & Noble - Seattle Center to sign copies of HUNGRY FOR YOUR LOVE
  • Saturday, October 30: 4-5p Author panel- Zombies are people too, with authors Scott Browne (Breathers), Scott Kenemore (Zen of Zombies) and Jesse Petersen (Married with Zombies) where I'll discuss the subtle nuances of Undead Lovin'. Better bring a wetnap.
  • Sunday, October 31: 4:30p - Eat and Greet


  1. Yay! I can't wait to see you. Will you be wearing the wig on the panel? :D

  2. Quite possibly. I like to make a good first impression.