Choosing the next Erma

An Army of Ermas is morphing. But unlike turning into Pink Power Rangers - which would be cool - I'm changing the format into something more structured. Yep. I'm putting on my big girl editor pants and turning Ermas into the lean mean humor machine I knew eventually she'd be.

This week we're changing even more. We're running a little contest to see who will be invited into the fold to write for Ermas and the response has been very good. The writing is solid, the essays work well with what we're trying to do at Ermas and I'm tickled that writers are willing to work for free peanuts and jello recipes. As An Army of Ermas moves into a bigger arena, my role will be less of a writer and more of a pimp to get my authors' names out there with the recognition they deserve and onto bigger things. Now I just need to figure out how to do it...  ;)

Stop by and check out the entries and vote! Right now it's too close to call a winner and voting ends tonight by midnight EST. Help a sistah out, will ya?


  1. I think you look great in editor's pants--and yours don't even need hemming like mine always do. I'll be voting later on today. If I can make up my mind!

  2. I'm so proud of our group! Well done, Stacey.