Essential oils and writing

Years ago, my second child went through a series of surgeries to correct a birth defect in her abdomen. As the number of surgeries went up - I stopped counting after twenty - I started looking for ways to help with the subsequent scarring. Since she was an infant at the time, I was limited as to what I could safely use thus sparking my interest in essential oils. The years passed and she's rockin' the minuscule scars now, I've kept up with oils and their many uses. I've  incorporated them into my writing rituals to help with difficult scenes or just get me in the mood for teh funneh.

Some of the oils I use regularly are:
  • Rosemary - For enhancing mental clarity, creativity and clearing out the cobwebs after a day of chasing kids
  • Basil - Helps to perk up brain function and concentration
  • Jasmine - Awesome for writing intense scenes, Jasmine is a sexy oil that keeps me in the moment
  • German Chamomile - I love this oil for it's pure yummy honey scent, I often mix it with Lavender for a comfort oil
  • Juniper - Helps keep the mind sharp and on task when deadlines are due
  • Lemon - Brisk, refreshing and ready to jumpstart your day. I use this when I need a boost to pull out another thousand words
  • Lavender - Everyone should have a bottle in their kit. Its uses are widely known but for writing, I like to mix it with others so it doesn't overpower the room
  • Peppermint - A fabulous EO to have on hand, it's definitely perky enough to get your characters moving again

How to use:
  • Inhalation - Take a nice whiff straight from the bottle before starting your writing session. Repeat as necessary
  • Massage - Dilute 10-12 drops of essential oil with a teaspoon of oil (veggie, sweet almond) then rub into the soles of your feet for a nice massage
  • Spray mist - 10-20 drops of EO into a spray bottle filled with water (shake before use)
  • Diffuser - There are many diffusers on the market, both electric and candle-based, to use with a water solution

Note: Please take care using essential oils around children and pets

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  1. I've never used essential oils, but I really like the sound of them. They sound so natural and peaceful and nice-smelling.

  2. I love them but they're addictive! AromaWeb has a great website for information and recipes: if you'd like to get started. =]

  3. Heading to your link! Now to find essential oils in Front Royal. I can't even get a new blade for my rotary cutter here. (So I found out today!)

  4. I'm with Abby. I love the idea of essential oils but have never used them. I do drink peppermint tea when I need a boost, so I can see how the effects would be similar.