Happy holidays from the unlucky in love zombie horde!

I've been buried under zombies and 27" of snow for so long I almost forgot to wish y'all a merry whatever-you-celebrate-as-long-as-you-do-it-with-gusto!

Zombie-wise: 31 sections are being edited, sent out to betas and compiled into one huge-ass file for me to obsess over. I never thought I'd be worried about where to put "Speed Dating for the Undead - an oxymoron or cruel joke?" - between the "Zombie Zodiac" or "Zombie lovin' - Is it Rigor Mortis or something more festive?" My eyes are bleary and my knees are weak, thank god for spiked eggnog or you wouldn't see this bad boy until 2020.

Snow: We're also under some freakish storm nicknamed Snowapalooza or Snowmageddon or some other stupid name. We're trapped and after the first few times of pulling my daughter out of her snow cave when it fell on her head, it gets old. St. Augustine, Florida, answer my desperate calls and get me outta here!

Here's hoping y'all have an excellent holiday season and shiny new calendars for 2010!


  1. Happy holidays!

    I hope you were joking about the snow tunnels caving in. That always terrified me as a kid.

    Good luck with the editing!

  2. It's just a little igloo but I keep a sharp eye out for her. She's 12 and tiny so I look for the zombie hand poking out of the snow. Just kidding!

    We have escape routes dug into the snow, she's fine. I think. I'd better go check...

  3. Happy holidays, Stacey! :D

    I can't wait to see that book, and not just 'cos I'm in it. ;-)