Writing with kids

I demand the Cone of Silence!

While writing during NaNo last month, I had to escape the love of my five daughters whose demands for hair straighteners and lost spelling homework broke my groove. To signal "Mommy writing time" I brought out the Cone of Silence - the Get Smart reference totally going over their heads - to get some peace. Mine isn't as fancy as Smart's but in faking them out for a few minutes, it was
gold. I'd like to thank Virgin America - your check is in the mail.

The girls caught on faster than I hoped but it wasn't unexpected. These kids can sniff out a handful of Goldfish crackers buried under couch cushions but the 30 minutes of me pointing to my head and mouthing "Cone of Silence" to signal I couldn't hear them bought me extra time with my NaNo muse. By the end of the month, they knew when the blue headphones were on - they were on their own to change the DVD or enlist an older sister.

What do you do to carve out writing time when the kids are around?

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