NaNo updates

Oy. This weekend kicked my ass like Chuck Norris on a bender. Saturday, my ML, Susan and I drove to Harrisonburg, VA, to meet with other wrimos in a love fest/write-in. Awesome people, though we're all wondering why Panera has outlets on the ceiling instead of where it's convenient for people to steal their power supply. WTH? Much laughing and bonding -- but no writing. So today hubby took all five girls bowling so I could beat the crap out of zombies by about 4000 words. Hours and hours and an Atkins Peanut Butter cup later, I'm done and ahead by ~400 words.

Me go sleepy now.

Now my plans are to figure out how to lose the new ass NaNo has created for me as I type.

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  1. Harrisonburg has a PANERA??? Ugh. The things I miss. :)

    I hope you had a productive writing session without the kidlets around.