Chuck Norris has invaded the Zombie Dating Guide

Okay, not really but his Chuck Norris Action Jeans do make a brief but memorable appearance during a Karaoke high kick* in my Creative First Dates section. People, this thing is way too much fun to write.

This year, NaNo is a whole 'nother breed o'zombie. Daily word counts are flying by, plenty of goodies to write about and I'm not stressed out about it. What's the difference? Coming to terms that I'm not a novelist and I enjoy writing short humor pieces instead of developing complex plots. What can I say? I'm not that complicated. ;) The ZDG should roll in about about 35-40k and I'll make up the rest in short ghost stories to make 50k by the end of the month. It's all good, baby.

How is your NaNo coming along?


*Chuck Norris Action Jeans feature a stretchy crotch so zombie dudes don't expose their junk during the high notes in karaoke danceoffs.


  1. ZOMG. The note at the end is the funniest part! I cannot wait to read this and I HATE zombies!

  2. Hehehe, can I use that as the back cover blurb? ;)

  3. I like the bit about the epiphany you had about the style of writing. Really hit home for me.


  4. I've embraced my ADD. Mayhaps not everyone has a novel inside of them, some may have pithy essays about cheese that makes someone laugh. I'm good with that. ;)

    Brainz *POKE*

  5. A mutual friend of ours also realized she's best suited for short stories and she embraces that, rather than feeling bad that novels aren't her thing. Good for you!

    Of course you can use my quote. :P

  6. You have such esoteric interests. Glad you are able to harness them for the good of man/woman -kind.

  7. Chuck Norris eats zombies, and poops out novels.

    One day, Chuck Norris tried NANO. He wrote 7 novels that day, and they all annihilated all of the other NANO novels.

    Chuck Norris once looked at a keyboard, and it wrote the entire Harry Potter series out of fear. J.K. Rowling happened to be standing nearby...