Zombie Stomp Agent Chat with Lori Perkins - 10.30.09

Start the holiday off on the right foot - or whatever foot you have handy in the closet.

Join agent Lori Perkins from the L. Perkins Agency, Agent in the Middle and Ravenous Romance at her Zombie Stomp Agent chat October 30, 2009, 6-8p EST at the RR chatroom: http://rrauthors.ning.com. A great chance to learn more about agents - what they're looking for, how to pitch, what's hot in publishing and what has gone the way of sparkly vampires and wizards. Free e-certificates to be won for books at Ravenous Romance (including Hungry For Your Love) so don't be shy, come out and howl!


  1. Hi Stacey,

    Just saw your blog over on WOW! and had to stop by...I mean, Flibbity Gibbet is one of my most favorite turns of phrase and zombies are ALWAYS amusing :-)

    P.S. I interviewed a few writers at Ravenous Romance for an article I did for WOW! Talk about your small (writing) world. Good luck with your stories!

  2. Hi Cathy :)
    This place is getting smaller everyday, lol! I love WOW, what a superb community of writers they have.

    Great to meet you!