Let the Wild NaNoRumpus begin!

It seemed like a good idea at the time. Just like marriage and childbirth. But again, NaNo has bit me in the butt. For months you've heard me blather on about the Zombie Dating Guide and how it's better than fried oreos but as I sat with a dozen other Wrimos in a conference room at a hotel in Winchester, Virginia, I drew a blank. This wasn't helped by my table companion and excellent friend/photographer, LaMishia, who had no clue where to start either and turned up the tunes on her laptop. Pfffftt. No help at all, I couldn't even cheat and copy her paper.

By noon today, however, I was in it by 1,650 words and only shy 17 of my daily wordcount. I can make that up tomorrow no problem. Right?

Dr. Wicked has pulled through once more. I haven't used him for this NaNo yet but definitely plan on his evil ways soon. He has a new desktop feature this year ($10) that allows for customizaton and Word Wars. Okay, I'm a teeny bit competitive so the throwdown challenge may be coming. You've been warned. Muhahaha - snort - hahahahahahah

So, how is your wordcount coming along? And are you using Twitter to keep track of your friend's wordcounts? Nothing like a little outing between the internets, right? ;)


  1. I was going to question why you couldn't squeak out 17 more words, then I remembered being there myself. I'm glad you got a good start!

  2. Very good question, my friend! I don't think I'm in my groove yet so as I sat there for 30 minutes and tried to expand on what I'd already written, I let myself give in for the day.

    Upwards and onwards today!

    How is the editing going?

  3. Good luck, my crazy NaNo buddy!

  4. You'll find your groove - I'm rooting for you!! :-) Yep, I'm trying to follow as many NaNo-twits as I can find on Twitter. hehe