You Have Been Boo'd

I have a website dealing with one of my favorite activities: Boo'ing. Yep. I verbed it. It's basically teaching your kids to step away from TPing your friends and neighbors and leaving them tasty treats instead for the month of October. I wrote the poem, drew the ghostie picture and submitted it to Highlights (who passed on it after a tussle in the War Room) so while it's not my idea, I'm sharing the love. I am crazy about Halloween and anything that goes bump in the night (no jokes about my herd of kids and how they got here... ;) ) so it is not a big stretch to believe that a lot of my writing life focuses on my passion for the unexplained and flat out fun in the fall.

How many of you focus a particular theme?


  1. I enjoy Halloween too! I am very excited this year because the day lands on a Saturday and our town is having a little festival for the kiddos. I prefer spooky festivals and haunted houses over trick or treating.
    Happy October!!

  2. I'm finding the neighborhoods out here in VA are scaling back on trick-or-treating and doing more festivals. I'm sorry to see it go but interested to watch it evolve.

    Happy October to you!! =)