Query Query Quite Contrary

Ever send out a query and minutes later you're hiding under your desk after you realize what you've written is total crap? Yep. Me too. Today I was faced with the harsh reality that something I thought was well crafted was complete and utter shite when the agent I queried showed her example of a great letter on a well-known website. It wasn't mine.


I'm chalking this one up to experience and a reminder to polish the heck out of it before it ever leaves my hands. Next time I'm spending more time at Absolute Write's Query Letter Hell SYW (Share Your Work): password is vista and less time picking out scented rainbow-colored paper that sings when you open the envelope. Wha?


  1. *Pulls Wintermoon out from under her desk*

    As long as you didn't write it in crayon, you'll be fine.

    So, where did you buy the singing stationary?

  2. Hallmark discontinued it after editors complained of writers sending creepy love songs. ONE creepy love song and I'm branded for life. WTH?