Character photos

Misty water colored memoriesssssssss. Sorry, this photo does it to me every time-- :P

A friend of mine uses photos of models and actors to represent characters in her novels. She's very precise in whom she chooses to carry the load in the story. She works off their expressions and posture, I'm in awe every time she pulls out the portfolio and "introduced" to her cast.

I have no such luck. I have a vague idea of a naked Daniel Craig for each of my heroes and I'm good to go.

Do you have a clear idea of your characters beyond the basics? I can barely finish writing a character bio without thinking I'm suffocating my muse - talk about overthinking. ;)


  1. For me, the looks of a character is inconsequential. Usually it is their personality that shines through more than their looks. I might provide some very basic info, but I tend to leave the looks of a character in the reader's imagination.

    It is interesting that other writers like to visualize their characters more. It just shows how different we all are with our 'craft'. :)

  2. I'm with JLC. :-)

    While I may describe the odd feature when it's necessary, I don't consider the looks important enough to hunt down a photie. :)


  3. Love you picture.

    And I'm like the first two commenters. I like to have vague visions in my head, so maybe the reader can create the characters' looks on their own. I like that it's open to interpretation.