Trick or Treating : writer-style

I've coerced my family into dressing up as literary characters/figures for Halloween this year. I'm going as zombie Jane Austen, Bryan is Cadfael from the Ellis Peters series, Rowyn is Wednesday Addams (there has to be a book in there somewhere), Syenna will Pippi Longstocking, Wynter will be a zombie in the cheese dip (from one of my articles), Lily be the Wicked Witch of the West and Vyolette is determined to be Ariel the Little Mermaid.

I plan on being a total drag and give out copies of The Elements of Style instead of gooey candy. Wha? They'll thank me when they head into freshman English. ;)


  1. Great idea! There is a B&B at the coast over here that has themed rooms of different writers. Someday Mr. Turkey and I will check in. :)

  2. Someday I bet they'll have a room named after you! =D

    Hmmm, I just noticed Wednesday bears a bit of resemblance to yours truly. Maybe Rowyn and I should swap. ;)

  3. Duh duh duh dum

    *click click*

    I luve The Addams Family! :D

    Don't forget to post pics! ;-)