Headshots & Headstones

My friend, LaMishia, is a bucket of awesome dipped in awesome sauce. Hmmm, that didn't come off as yummy as I thought it would. Nevermind.

She's a professional photographer and novelist so when she threw out the idea of headshots for my upcoming NaNo project The Zombie Dating Guide, I had to say yes. Who else could understand the subtle nuances of losing a limb for their art?

We had scoped out graveyards before (see photo) but for the shoot today we hit the big time with a Civil War era cemetery in Winchester, Virginia. So, nestled between the stubby headstones of Confederate soldiers, I had my first photo shoot complete with suitably goth makeup for a 41 yr old woman.

I'll get the proofs back next week and I'm working on my long lost WIP: Pocket Full of Posies. Busy week!

Photo by LaMishia Allen Photography at Grace Episcopal Church in Berryville, Virginia


  1. *Takes deep breath*


    That is all.


  2. [grins]

    I heartily recommend it, noting gets you in the mood to finish a project than to have gorgeous moody shots ready to roll out for publicity. Until then, they'll be spicing up the websites I write for. ;)