Newspaper interview for NaNo

My days are just one glamorous event after another. Between fetching Vyolette apple juice and running from bats in my garage, I've penciled in an interview with several of my NaNo peeps for Northern Virginia Daily this afternoon. I doubt there'd be any action shots aside from me trying to get Vyo off the shelves (she's a climber) and my laptop will be covered with Disney stickers so if I make it in the shot, I'll be the one looking gorgeous and allergy-striken (read: tragic eyes).

Should I mention zombies or not?


  1. Zombies always make good copy. Don't forget to mention your new clothing line. Oh, that's somebody else.

  2. I did mention the Twitter account and blog I'll be setting up to support the book proposal. Zombie dating tips and dating horror stories in 140 characters or less should be a challenge. ;)