NaNo update


I just haaaaaaaaaad to write that outline, didn't I? I broke from tradition and wrote an the most awesomey awesome outline that ever was and NaNo spit on it, ground it into the ground and laughed at my tears. Then I kicked its ass and started over. This time I'm putting in odd characters like Mrs. Tiggywinkle, the propriestress of the Three Headed Mistress boarding house. So there, NaNo. That'll teach you to mess with the Zohan. Wait. Wrong storyline. I could never shoot a fish out of my buttocks, god knows I've tried.

My outline, crumpled, tear-stained and smelling a bit like cheese is still operable but do I need it? How about the index cards I lovingly wrote upon with action-packed scenes and snappy one-liners? I have a long way to go (like I'm 10k words behind, don't look shocked, you know you are too) so I think I'm going to hold onto it for now. I can always sacrifice it to the literary gods later, I hear they like cheese.



  1. Frankly, I think you should run with Mrs. Tiggywinkle. That'd show 'em.

  2. She's turning into quite the character, I think I'll have to try to channel her dead husband tonight during my NaNo write-in. ;)