Fog in the Afternoon

So it's not my most inspired posting title but I'm working on that like Bill Clinton works on his intern pick-up lines.

Vyolette and I are hanging out today due to bronchitis and we're stuck in a fog. Literally. We live on a mountaintop and the clouds are hung up on our trees refusing to budge. My NaNo feels a bit like this (like the segue? That's why I'm a professional writer, people) so my choice is to give up and whine that I didn't like that mean, stinky NaNo anyway or to push through it and come out on the other side a better writer due to the sheer force of stubbornness.

Bah. After watching morning PBS with Vy, I know I can do better than this drivel - "touch your nosey, touch your toes-ies." Seriously?

I think I'll use that as my inspiration. If I don't finish NaNo, I'll be doomed to writing Dragon Tales-esque crap for the rest of my life. Short story: years ago I dropped my two oldest girls off at a community center class that featured Dragon Tales crafts - wha? It was the big thing back then. Anyway, as I was leaving, two moms started reciting the Dragon Tales mantra together while holding hands and hugging. I knew then I was not part of the herd.

What's your inspiration for finishing NaNo (or your WIP)? Go ahead and use Dragon Tales if it helps, I'm sure those two moms would make room for more...

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