Hello my wee Flibbities!

Okay, bad blogger, I know.

I had to *horrors* return to the work force last winter so my writing time has been diminished but not squashed completely. We shall overcome the oppressors!

Let me bring you up to date-
  • Novella number one Blackbird is humming along at just over 16K
  • Novella number two Willow is just getting her feet under her at 4k
  • Buttercup's Giant Pumpkins is still waiting for a home
  • One Little Goblin is having the kinks worked out of the zombies before they roll. Anyone care to beta?

I'm starting a new NF on slumber parties and another on graveyard art. Er, yep, call me eclectic.

What are you working on?

1 comment:

  1. You're alive! *evil laugh* And you've got lots goin' on!

    I'm querying Novel 1, have started Novel 2, begun research and brainstorming for a non-fic book, and continue with my column and blogs. And I love it! :D