Knock knock -- Boo's there?

"That time of the year again" has come a little early. Autumn (October) can bring floating lights, shadows just out of reach, or flat out visions but I usually roll back over and go to sleep after a grumpy "go away." Lately, we've been trying to outwit a bear that manhandles the chest freezer in our garage (since emptied) and his attempts to lift our garage door -- I'll let that sink in a minute, but a loud THUMP followed by a distinct rapping on the downstairs window at 12:30a last night had me rattled. I never get rattled. 

We let the dogs out after their frenzied barking -- nothing's outside (no bear). I double-checked the locks on the doors -- and found one open. It's never unlocked. After checking that the kids were asleep in their beds, I sat up and stared out the window until 2a.

I'm used to the lights. I'm used to the bear. I'm not used to something that expects an answer when it comes rap-tap-tapping on my window. And it wasn't even the first time.

The $5 Beast

1958 Smoth-Corona Electric 5te

In the back of my head, I'm going to start a mobile haiku party business. I'll be hired to write haiku on the spot for events (weddings, corporate events, schools) and I'll have my trusty typewriter close at hand since my handwriting is horrid. 

So, today while wandering the Harpers Ferry Gypsy Market, I ran across this beast. For $5. I didn't even check to see if it turned on. I paid the cash and moved on with my daughters to see what else these wily gypsies had on their tables. Soon, Vyolette and I also found a $5 croquet set. As I carried it to the car, I told her to ask her big sister to carry the typewriter back with her. She ran up to the booth where the typewriter was being held for me, telling Lil that I had bought a ton of cocaine and batmans (badminton). I suddenly became very popular with the gypsies.

As you can see, the typewriter needs a little lovin'. It has turned on two times out of the fifty tries and the space bar doesn't work but the rest ain't so bad. She's a beauty...soon. 

Now, who wants a haiku?

The Worms Crawl In -- Enter For Your Chance to Win a Copy of Haunted Stuff or The Girls' Ghost Hunting Guide

Mount Hebron Cemetery, Winchester, Virginia

I'm crazy for tombstones: The art, the hidden stories, even the graveyard rabbits that burrow beneath them. Through September, I'm giving away a signed copy of either Haunted Stuff or The Girls' Ghost Hunting Guide! For your chance to win, post a photo of your favorite local tombstone on Instagram, Twitter, tweet me the photo, your blog, on your Facebook account, or my Facebook author page and leave me the link in the comment section of this post. 

US residents only.