Tap Tap, Touch Touch – Adventures in Power Walking

I’ve been climbing Suck Mountain since June and now that the weather is turning from hyperventilating sweat-slogs to just heavy-breathing slogs but with a jolly leaf change, I’ve decided to change it up a little bit (and stay out of the rain). Today’s DVD was with a demon named Allyson and her peppy three-mile walk to the soundtrack of public domain background music. The only thing that kept my attention during the 50 minutes? The complete lack of coordination during jazzy beats of the woman in the back. We two are sisters in matching yoga pants.

Allyson started off slowly, baby steps into the new and exciting world of power walking in your living room, her middle-aged thighs only packing a few things in the saddlebags. Her brightly colored backup walkers in ill-fitting t-shirts were ready to go and I spied Debby in yellow, already having trouble with the simple “base” step of marching in place. Wrong foot, wrong foot, with only one arm pumping while the other flopped helplessly at her side. I felt her pain. I couldn’t make it past the warm up level in Jazzercize. As Allyson took it up a notch to a sassy sidestep, I saw Debby flounder – for a minute there I thought she was going down – as her foot flew out, nearly kicking the blue walker in the buns. This was better than hiking up Suck Mountain any day, I couldn’t stop watching and waiting for Debby to take down the rest in a heap of spandex. Her arms akimbo, her face contorted while she concentrated on the steps – back, back, toe touch, front – I knew she’d never make it to Mile Two and the weight balls o’doom.


More vintage Halloween

After my first batch of costumes, I'm getting ready for the holiday again and what's better inspiration than 100-year-old costumes? 

Dorothy's really let herself go


October's ghosts

I still don't think I live in a haunted house, but even after the pop-up ghosts of the last few years, I'm definitely seeing a trend: fall and winter. Last night, around 1a, I woke up to see a yellow light roam across my bedroom ceiling as my dog barked at it. There were no passing cars, the moon (if there was one) was shuttered by the every-present fog we've had for the last week, and while I've been researching ghosts for a long time and never frightened -- this time shook me. I didn't get up to investigate. I didn't want to. Partly because it was 1-friggin-am, but also, what was I going to do with it? After replaying in my mind what I'd seen to rule out every possible mundane reason, I finally went back to sleep. Would there be more signs of a haunting or was it just a dream?

The girls emerged from their rooms this morning as foggy as the weather outside. Daughter 2 was tired from her alarm going off at 5:30a -- she'd never set it. Daughter 4 was tired because there was tapping on her window all night, just a breath away from her bed. Daughter 3 was cranky because of her sister snoring all night and keeping her awake but I don't think that has anything to do with ghosts, just allergies. 

We've been quiet for the last year, I wonder what it is about fall that makes my house ripe for a random haunting? All this talk of haunted dolls? The new house being built on the site of the '70s plane crash a mile from my house? That property has been bought and sold a dozen times in the eight years since we've lived here -- this is the first time that anyone has stayed long enough to build a home overlooking the Shenandoah Valley. We'll see how long they stick.