The Ottoman Empire

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I've decided to take my relationship with publishing to the next level. I have joined Red Sofa Literary as an apprentice agent/ottoman which means that for the next few months, I'll be butt-deep in learning the ropes while I mentor for Pitch Wars. When have you ever known me to do things the easy way? I will be posting what categories I'll be representing soon.

I'll still be writing weird and slightly disturbing books--you can take the girl out of the dungeon but you can't take the dungeon out of the girl--so keep your fingers crossed for the two projects I have rolling around the back alleys of publishing now. I will, however, be shelving Freckled Spectacles Editing so my attention will be on my clients and the odd child that runs through my office periodically.

Haunted Stuff in the Wild

I love to see Haunted Stuff in the wild. Friends and fans send photos of where they pick up The Zombie Tarot or Haunted Stuff and I high-five the closest person with fingers. Or paws. It's usually my dogs. They love it.

This photo is extra special. My daughter moved to Portland, Oregon a few weeks ago and stopping in at Powell's Books (my old stomping ground), she saw that Haunted Stuff had a staff recommendation:

"If you liked Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark
then try Haunted Stuff by Stacey Graham"


Thank you, Powell's!


It's finally spring! I know it's most likely bloomed for y'all a month ago but here on Tippy Top, it's still filling in. The bugs haven't woken all the way up yet so I'm able to go outside without being attacked in the Virginia wilderness.

While sequestered for my usual five months of darkness and ice, I began writing a script that started out Jane Austenesque and ended with ghosts. Go figure. Today, I'm submitting it to the Virginia Screenwriting Competition and working on my logline (a descriptive breakdown of the plot for the industry).

When faced with false friends, liars, and true love, can Cat tell the difference or is she too wrapped up in her own world of horror movies and teenage drama at a haunted boarding school to see the truth before it’s too late?

Yes, I did want to start it "IN A WORLD GONE MAD..." but stopped myself. I'll save that for the movie poster. Wish me luck!

Now onto the next project. I can't tell too many secrets but it has a little something to do with this:

I'm such a tease.