Boxcar Guide to Adventure

I was thrilled to see a box of Boxcar Children Guide to Adventure on my doorstep today! This was a fun (and quick) project with a turnaround time of five weeks and absolute free reign, so the manuscript turned into "Stacey's favorite things" very quickly. Included in the chapters are how to fish, how to say easy phrases in multiple languages (including an illustration of American Sign Language which my Vyolette loves), a section on being a super sleuth, plus others on the great outdoors, crafting, and recipes. The girls tested all of the forts, recipes, and detective how-to, so I know they're ready to roll. 

The book comes to your local bookseller September 1st but if you can't wait, pre-order at some of these lovely establishments online!

Pre-order at: Albert Whitman & Company | Powell's | Barnes & Noble | Books-a-Million | Amazon

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