Time for an office makeover

My to-do list for 2014 is already growing:
  • Connect more with my readers  (the best part of this gig!)
  • NF book proposals
  • Short story subs
  • More fiction -- MG and PB
  • Writing conferences -- Have a favorite? Please tell me which ones in the comments
  • More Ghoul Schools
  • Book clubs
  • Blogs: Guest posts
  • Write more questionable zombie poetry

But first this beast of an office needs a face lift. Right now, the space holds two full-sized desks, a smaller table, a bookcase, a grandma chair, two office chairs, and a loveseat. It's s'not that spacious in here, people. 

It needs: Storage space (it has none), shelving. 

I'm thinking of this as the room configuration is similar:

What else am I missing? Interior decorators ASSEMBLE!

I'll post a photo of my office (yeesh) tomorrow, but talk me out of sharing it, will ya? It's for your own good.

1 comment:

  1. I would talk you out of it but when you say it like that, you must follow through!