Orphaned lists

I'm wrapping the last of a slew of book proposals, some spooky and some are goofy-- all are fun with ghosts (for adults) and zombies (for kids) and monsters (for kids). I have a collection of notebooks scattered around my desk littered with notes to stunted ideas or ones that for some reason didn't find a slot in the schedule to develop more. Naturally, I didn't bother to write down a title or what they're meant for most of these so I'm at a loss what to do with the orphaned ideas.

List 1: (no idea what the * is for)
*severed head
5 beating hearts
*pair of lips

List 2:
500 Zombies (doing what?)
zombie -> vegetarian
zombie -> movie star
zombie -> pool party
zombie -> dating -- too easy
zombie -> college
zombie -> Gothic
zombie ->tarot reader, doesn't accept the she's dead. Keeps looking for the meaning of life

List 3: (turned into Betrayal for the ICE PICKS anthology)
Flesh-eating bacteria - frozen? Has thawed?
Viking curse?
Polar bears
1900 - melting problem
Frozen guests
Ice blocks used to make hotel brings up Donner party. Last curse. Whispers. Insanity. Final melt. Sacrificed because he was a loon. Ice man on display in lobby. Convinces guests to kill each other. Blinks at the end.

Draft for upcoming anthology on speculative fiction:
Face it, zombies are absurd. They're nasty, disgusting creatures that thrive on human tissue - much like politicians.

So, what would you do with them?


  1. Viking curses are always fun...

    And the Donner party. Always lovely dinner table conversation. Unless your ancestors were involved, of course. Then it might be a tad bit upsetting.

  2. Put together, it all sounds like an awesome episode of "The Love Boat."