Now *this* is a book signing

I may be getting a little spoiled here. My first book signing in 2010 for Hungry For Your Love was at zomBcon and I had Breathers author, S.G. Browne,and Married with Zombies author Jesse Petersen there to show me how to Get It Done. Then tonight for the Girls' Ghost Hunting Guide, I had a wine bar and jazz trio at the Fire House Gallery and a packed house full of lovely people with fascinating stories. Most of them didn't come to see me but of those that stopped by to chat or see me specifically, THANK YOU! I had a wonderful time and that's not just the red wine talkin'.

For those who couldn't make it or wish to buy a copy via a fine online retailer, just drop me a note if you'd like a signed book plate or handy Phantom or Fake postcard to tuck into your ghost hunting kit.

A big thank you to the Fire House Gallery in Berryville, Virginia. It was a fabulous evening!

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