Super Secret Summer Spy Camp

We practiced furtive glances. We rescued hostages. We planned our escape routes and engaged the other spies in epic to-the-death water gun battles... and then we went home and had cake.

Last week I was the camp director for the Girls Scouts' Super Secret Summer Spy Camp. I'm a "go big or go home" kind of girl, so I stuffed it full of spy skills, spy crafts, ninja skills and spy facts. For those of you playing the home game, here's a brief rundown:

Spy crafts
  • Keyhole Spy Tool
  • Reverse sunglasses (sunglasses with mirrors inside so they can see in back of them)
  • Escape scarves
  • Code cylinders

Spy skills
  • How to tell if someone is lying
  • Body language
  • Spy lingo
  • Spy team
  • General sneakiness
  • Ninja skills
  • Spy gadgets
  • Disguises & voice modification
  • Codes and codebreaking
  • Spy science
  • Codenames
  • Maps
  • Some lovely literature from the CIA
  • Fingerprinting and subsequent fingerprint art/bookmarks

Spy games
  • International telephone (get one secret from one country (tree) to the next without being discovered
  • Hostage rescue (letterboxing for puppies)
  • Escape maneuvers (parachutes)
  • Waterboarding, er, water games
  • Zombie tag. Come on, you knew I couldn't let a week with 60 girls go by without slipping in the Undead somewhere.  ;)

Not bad for a two-hour a day twilight camp, I tuckered those girls out! Double agents were kept to a minimum and a giant family BBQ/pool party rounded out the week but now it's back to zombies and ghosties for me. At least they're quieter...

A big thank you to my staff and my daughters who helped run the camp. Next year: ghost hunting?

What's on tap for the rest of your summer?

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