Zombie wrastlin' and author interviews

I love doing interviews. My husband would call it "narcissism" but I prefer to think of it as me sharing my awesomeness with the world. You're welcome.

Now that my husband is happy that he's made it onto the blog, I'll get down to why I really like interviews. Aside from answering [usually] silly questions, I meet wonderful people that really *love* books. Many are authors themselves so they know it's not all fast cars, cheap hookers and booze in my daily life - okay, maybe the fast cars and booze - and they're supportive of friends and the authors they admire. It's a great way to get to know an author while we are able to wave hello and show off our literary tattoos. I know I've found many excellent new books via interviews and look forward to blog tours to add to my towering to-be-read pile.

Slush Pile Hero, had me on her blog today where I discuss hot button topics such as cupcakes and rolling zombies for change. Soon, Beth Bartlett  from Wisecrack Zodiac will shake my bad thing in her followers' general direction as she announces Zombie Week and a giveaway of HUNGRY FOR YOUR LOVE at her facebook fan page.

So, Internet, what kind of questions do you like to see authors answer?

Give me a holler if you'd like goofiness on your book blog, I'll make a fresh batch o'cupcakes.  =]

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