King Nerd

My husband is a bit competitive when it comes to er, most everything, and this fall's chili cook-off at his work is no exception. Last year's entry of pumpkin chili in a carved pumpkin bowl was stunning but he forgot to enter it on time and it became a lovely centerpiece in his cube. Yeah. He's competitive but doesn't own a watch. Luckily for his ego, he entered and won the costume contest as King Nerd. Guess what he does for a living? That makes me Queen Nerd. Yaaay.

This year, we're making vegetarian curried chili. He's concentrating on his pumpkin carving skills and my job is to cheer him on in a low-cut witch costume. I'm not sure how I got dragged into the equation but he swears the other wives will be there doing the same. I think I'm being set up.

  • The book proposal for ZDG has been spiffed up and sent on its way with an affectionate smack on the bottom
  • The Undead That Saved Christmas will be out October 1st. Look for my short story And To All a Good Fright plus two zombie Christmas Carols (more carols to come on the website in December)
  • Hungry For Your Love will be unbound and staggering toward your favorite bookseller September 29th
  • I'm folding up Undead Fred into my carry-on! I've been asked to appear as a panelist at zomBcon, Halloween weekend in Seattle. Come and see me!


  1. ROFLMAO to hubby and yea I'm sure the low cut witch costume will provide great inspiration ;)
    and you're going to Seattle--have fun!!
    and congrats to all you have goin on!!

  2. Thanks Sugar! How are your projects coming?

  3. You bring me such joy. :)

    I would be CRUSHED if I missed the deadline after all that. I hope your cleavage saves the day this year.

    Squee for all the book happenings!

  4. I want some of that vegeterian curried chili!

    And how can he not win with you as his witchy sidekick? :)

  5. He's testing it out on his co-workers today at their pot luck. Stay tuned for results - I may have some recipe scrambling to do...