Warning labels - part duh.

Mama's had a little too much Diet Coke today, I ax'd the previous Warning Labels post with the slip of a finger so I apologize for the double dipping today. BUT I have a fabulous link to share: Save the Words.Won't you please help save a word like my new best friend, murklins (in the dark)? If not for me, think of the children!

Adopt little "rhedarious" or "rogitate." They ask so little. Only to be loved and waved about in conversation once in a while. Can you find it in your hearts to adopt a little-used word... today? *weep*


  1. I am pamphagous for every word on that site! I want to adopt them all.

  2. Your head shot is gorgeous! And I love that site...

  3. I am saving vinitorian: "of or pertaining to tending vines".