The ones we leave behind

NaNo is almost over and I'm over 41k words! YAY me! Come Tuesday, however, I'm going to owe my family BIG for the neglect they went through for the past 30 days. Days of frozen dinners, questionable laundry and hairballs the size of Montana due to spotty vacuuming.

Big sloppy writing kisses for my girls and husband while I pull through to the final stretch, I can't believe y'all have never once questioned my sanity even when I faked you out with my Cone of Silence headphones and pretended not to hear your repeated requests for apple juice and... dinner.

FIVE more days, people!


  1. LOLOL! Cone of silence headphones. I need to remember that!

    I'm glad you made it past the 35K. I know you were struggling. Good luck with the final stretch.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. GO GO GO GO!!!

    Rule #4:
    Use a handbag. Storing your cosmetics inside a gaping chest wound is considered a faux pas.