NaNo love in NV Daily newspaper

As I sit here in my 2007 NaNo shirt and snuffle through my umpteenth cup of tea to get through the Piggie Flu decimating my house, I realized it was October 24th and my writer's group, Literary Geniuses, was featured in NV Daily. Yay us! It's part one of a two-part series on local writing clubs and we're so happy to be a part of the NaNo tide. Someone (read: me) is in serious need of bronzer. Good thing Vyolette (the baby) is so cute. ;)

Today's task: Organize the ZDG chapter headings so I'm not wandering around IHOP like a boob next Saturday night wondering where to start.

Photo by Rich Cooley/Daily


  1. That's so cool!

    Good luck with your organizing. I sent you a DM about a dating story -- let me know if you want further info... :P

  2. Got the DM, thanks! Ranks right up there with my Third Wheel date: me, him and his best friend. *rolls eyes*