Zombie Monkeys

Internet, I'm in a bit of a conundrum. For months I've been looking forward to starting the Zombie Dating Guide -- plotting chapters are done, witty lists ready to be made and chuckled over appreciatively by my husband, zombie photo shoot is finito -- and with NaNo starting in a few days, I'm ready to bag the thing and start work on space monkeys who try to find ice on Mercury.

Where did my mojo go?

I think I need a new mascot. Say hello to my leeettle friend, Phil. Hey, it's the best of both worlds.

Okay people, what's going to get you through the next 30-ish days o'NaNo glory? Phil and I will be hiding under our desk for the most part, hoarding the most delicious of treats - peanut M&Ms. They will be mine. Oh yes, all mine. And Phil's.


  1. LOVE your Mutant Monkey friend!

    With you about the loss of mojo, only for me, it's just life (and contractors) getting in the way. Hopefully it's all just temporary. I'm terrified of officially signing up for NaNo though...too much pressure, all self inflicted.

  2. Isn't a zombie monkey supposed to be scary? :P

    Since I'm not doing NaNo I'll be editing instead. My book has 30-ish chapters, so maybe I'll aim for a chapter a day.

  3. I have a great support system, the girls are on rotation to bring coffee and chocolate until I pass out. I have yet to finish a novel via NaNo but I live in hope that one day I'll have a novel packed away amid the short stories littering my desk.

    Phil is sensitive. I'll pretend not to have heard the "s" word. :P

  4. Both previous years I've done it in 07 and 08, I had an idea in October but come the last few days before November I got a great new idea and just ran with it. I'm REALLY trying not to do that this year because I love my idea...