Blackbird is FINALLY finished!

After much too long, I've finished my novella, BLACKBIRD. Yes, I can hear the thunderous applause. It's almost embarrassing how long it's taken to wrap that bad boy up but I liken it to good aged cheese - tasty but slightly smelly. No. Wait.

I've foisted it upon unsuspecting friends for a quick read, then it's off to edit the snot out of it before I foist it on unsuspecting publishers. Traditional publishers? E-pub? Magazine?

I'm making a couple of changes. For one, I need a title. BLACKBIRD was just a holder (and the name of my favorite Beatles song). Any suggestions for a modern ghost story with a hot romance brewing?


  1. HI Stacy,

    Congrats on finishing your novella! Way to go. I just wanted to thank you for putting links to my blogs up there. It feels good to know that you appreciate my work. Please come visit soon! Thanks again.