Aaaaaand, it's (almost) a wrap

Another year of NaNo is coming to a close -- and not a moment too soon. While friends have pounded out masterpieces involving clowns and hearses, I have fallen, once again, along the wayside. No excuses, I was struck down by too much plot and not enough ppffffffttt to get it done. Will I try again next year? Hmmmm, probably. But this time I'll cheat and combine last year's NaNo with this year's NaNo and... dammit, I'm still short of 50k. Meh.

Congratulations to those who finished and will live to edit and to those who are still shy of the shiny winner's button, I look forward to finishing it with you in 2009!

Oh crap, I forgot one more thing--

Touch yer nosies - touch your toesies. HAPPY NOW?

Just had to do this once more--

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