Just call me the Queen of Denial

Okay. I realize there are only a scant number of days to whip out the rest of my word count and I'm sitting here blogging, contemplating creating a new blog skin and faintly remembering I have to work on the house today. I swear there was fire in my pants when I started this thing 23 days ago. Yikes. That's a long time. Where does the fire go? How do we lose our lack of focus or does the focus just shift like that time you decided to go all dark chocolate and give up milk chocolate because you were told it would grow bigger boobies? Er, not that that happened to me.

I've wrangled Write or Die (still love it), stopped giving myself self-defeating lectures ("hey you, put down the Almond Joy and get back to work, you slacker...hey, is that a leftover Mounds bar?") and promised to have very large margarita at the Thank God It's Over party in December (or two). What lies do you tell yourself to get you through the last few days o'NaNo?

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