The $5 Beast

1958 Smith-Corona Electric 5TE

In the back of my head, I'm going to start a mobile haiku party business. I'll be hired to write haiku on the spot for events (weddings, corporate events, schools) and I'll have my trusty typewriter close at hand since my handwriting is horrid. 

So, today while wandering the Harpers Ferry Gypsy Market, I ran across this beast. For $5. I didn't even check to see if it turned on. I paid the cash and moved on with my daughters to see what else these wily gypsies had on their tables. Soon, Vyolette and I also found a $5 croquet set. As I carried it to the car, I told her to ask her big sister to carry the typewriter back with her. She ran up to the booth where the typewriter was being held for me, telling Lil that I had bought a ton of cocaine and batmans (badminton). I suddenly became very popular with the gypsies.

As you can see, the typewriter needs a little lovin'. It has turned on two times out of the fifty tries and the space bar doesn't work but the rest ain't so bad. She's a beauty...soon. 

Now, who wants a haiku?

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