'Twas the Night Before Zombies: A Christmas Poem

'Twas the night before Christmas
And all through the house
The zombies were waking
And chasing a mouse

Their bellies were hungry
And needs were not met
They needed their brains
So in darkness they crept

Oh, they were quiet
And yes, they slipped by
But what to their questioning eye did they spy?
A round man so jolly, so fat, and so tasty
They cared not a whit that his skin was so pasty

They snuck up behind him, ignoring the elves
The fat man was busy just loading up shelves
With sweetmeats and candies, with jars of fresh toes
They couldn't resist him and came down in droves

How could they eat him? They fretted and pondered
Was it bad manners to eat those who wandered?
One elf tried to warn him, to give him a sign
But too late was the signal, they were already in line

Get down with your bad elf and happy holidays!

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