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What the heck is going on with arm holes? 

I'm tired of arm holes that stretch to my waist or are cut so large that a goodly portion of my bra is visible even with my arm unraised. Why is it so difficult to cut a shirt that fits well? Being a lady of a certain magnificence is no reason to let everything flop around. We are well able to put our arms in the holes and enjoy a shirt that fits as it's supposed to -- not require an undershirt to cover our torso. 

Designers, we're on to you and your lazy styles. Make a cut that fits a woman's body, not some blob that you pretend fits everyone, and we'll consider buying. Keep up this porthole on the side of a sleeveless blouse and we're outta here.

And because I love it:

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  1. Designers are idiots to begin with... but I love that title.