Car selfies

Aside from the whole selfie nonsense that the media has decided to pick on this month -- last year it was "how many Twitter followers are too much?" and "if you have over 50 facebook friends, you're an attention hog" -- I've noticed a trend that takes us out of the bathroom and into the great outdoors. Well, sort of. Instead of capturing a sunset, or our lunches, we're taking selfies in the car. I'm definitely guilty of this myself. 

Starbucks selfie because coffee

Patriotic selfies for NPR

New haircut selfie for the BFF

This was on a tour bus with BFF in DC, but it's vehicular and moving so it counts

I, er, have a lot of children

Why the urge to whip out the camera button when we're waiting for a kid to get out of tennis practice? Aren't flappy bird and candy crush enough? How about reading a book, Mongo? The need to self-document may be getting out of hand, but I like sharing these moments with the girls. And if it's while trapped in a small car with stickers on our noses -- I can think of worse things.  ;)

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  1. They're good selfies!

    I haven't done them, but I'm looking for an elevator car with walls full of mirrors, just so I can use pics like that in a photoblog and ask the question which of those many versions of me is the alternate universe evil one.