Scooby Doo'd at the abandoned Oak Grove Elem. School

I have a penchant for old buildings. The more rundown and spooky they are, the better it is for me. While taking the backroads of Virginia today, I drove past this lovely and creepy specimen of abandonment. I jumped out of the car for a snap, followed by daughters 3 and 4 while daughters 2 and 5 went around the back to see what they could find back there. This isn't their first rodeo.

Daughter 3 checked the front door (against my advice, you don't know what the heck has taken up residence in these places. I wonder who she gets this from anyway?) Sooooo, I naturally had to check and make sure the chupacabra that darted across the road the night before wasn't snoozing in a cubby. Okay, maybe that wasn't a chupacabra but it sure didn't look like a deer either. More like an antelope. With fangs. Aaaanyway, I stuck my head in because I'm a genius like that, only to hear "eeee eeeee EEEEE EEEEE!" A flippin bat the size of my forearm flew down the hallway and toward...daughter 2 who had opened the corresponding back door to the school in time to be attacked by a grumpy bat. I reacted as any mother would. I shoved daughter 3 into the hallway and attempted to close the door on her. I guess I thought she was bait. I grabbed daughter 4 and ran down the steps yelling, "CHUPACABRAAAAAAAAAA" while my husband looked on. I felt like I was totally trapped in a Scooby Doo episode. All I needed was an old man in a rubber mask calling me a pesky kid.

We finished off the day with another spooky house and blackberry sundaes under a goat skywalk. How was your day?

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