What's on your resume?

I've been contacted by a few television programs lately, in reference to an article I wrote years ago on haunted objects. They weren't looking for me, they were looking for the fellow I was chatting about and his interesting collection of items that wandered, thumped and made themselves a general nuisance. He and I have lost touch and while I did earnestly try to find his contact information to pass along it occurred to me that I have as much paranormal experience as he did - maybe more.

I don't have a snazzy collection of haunted objects but I do have twenty years of sitting in attics and waiting for a boo. I have shadow people flitting around my house regularly (just saw another one while chatting on the phone with a friend last week), hear my name called out clearly at night while my husband sleeps, and have found myself wandering the house in the dark searching for... something - in the middle of the night. Haunted? Perhaps. Then again, it could just be indigestion.

So, at this last request, I offered my advice on their subject matter and may be showing up as a contributor/consultant on a future broadcast. It's time to expand my resume, my friends. What are you an expert in that you haven't claimed yet?


  1. I have several things that I probably COULD list myself as an expert in, but I lack the confidence to throw it out there.

    I'm SO excited you stepped up for this one!

  2. I could reasonably pass myself off as an outdoorsman, if time spemt scrambling up rock faces qualifies as such...