So what kind of writer are you, anyway?

I get this question a lot. Well-meaning strangers or fellow writers that love to chat over plot holes give me a minute to stumble over what I hope sounds like something intelligent.

"Er, children's nonfiction, short stories and zombies. And humor. And some ghost stories."

"Okay, but how's your novel going?"

"I'm not a novelist, that's too much hard work." I steel myself for their look of either pity at my inability to write real literature or confusion. Why would anyone want to write nonfiction, much less humor? I get a slight smile, they tell me about their novel and then they move on.

With three books coming out next spring and me playing the "one of these things ain't like the other" genre game, I can see why I trip over my tongue when asked to explain what I do. Some agents and writing websites tell us not to spread ourselves thin - stick to one genre and beat that horse until it dies, taking your career along with it. Since I have the attention span of carpet fluff, I don't mind developing one writing career alongside another. The Zombie Tarot and picture books? Why not? Ghosts and humor columns? Load me up. I have a bad case of "You're not the boss of me" and will muddle through.

My current projects are horror-based though I can't write a straight scary piece to save my life. There will be plenty of humor mixed in with the lite gore, satisfying two audiences. Those curious enough to see who I've carved up in an ice hotel and those wanting to see how snarky I can get while doing it.

So what kind of writer are you?


  1. Honestly Stacey, I get the same look when I tell people I write Jane Austen sequels. It's like, "Oh, you're not good enough to write your own books... I see." And then there's that quick blink as they catalog me as a wannabe.

    The thing is, any kind of writing takes work. The trick is to find the kind of work you enjoy doing. For me, that's delving into the psyche of well-known characters. For you, that's writing ghost stories and zombie handbooks.

  2. You're absolutely right, Nancy. And next time you catch that look from someone, let me know. It's on. :cracks knuckles:

    Gentle readers-
    Nancy has just released her new book, His Good Opinion! I can't wait to download it tomorrow!

  3. Lazy, sarcastic, occasionally funny. :)


  4. Let's see... two genres, one being a co-written romance style book, the other being my solo counter terrorism thriller.

    Add in my general humor sort of way of writing, and the how to take over the world genre....

  5. Spastic, with naps in between. I think I'm a teacup poodle writer.