Waitin' and wishin' and hopin' and dreamin'...

Writers do a hell of a lot of waitin'. We wait for inspiration, wait to reach our daily word count, wait after submission to editors... you get the idea.

Today I'm waiting on the husband. He's stuck in the as-yet-unnamed snowstorm in the Metro DC area, moving 600 ft in two hours. He's a smart boy, hit the store before he left work so that rotisserie chicken and gallon of milk didn't go to waste as he sits there and sorts through the glove box. Again.

I'm checking up on him hourly but it just occurred to me that if I had hours alone in a car (without moving), I'd probably be knee-deep in notes or started a new short story.

What would you do for three hours in a non-moving car (aside from the obvious, oh come on you know you were thinking it)? Heat/food are taken care of and a bottle of wine (or beverage of choice) is waiting at home. Write? Sleep? Chat on the phone? Give yourself a modified jailhouse tattoo?

I've named the storm: Edgar Allan Snow.

You're welcome.


  1. Knowing my bladder, I would probably need to piss.

  2. I'd let my imagination wander or listen to talk radio. I'd probably reply to your text about picking up pizza on my way home. ;)

  3. I would have all my life's problems one step closer to being solved. My mind goes double time when I'm alone in a car.

    And I'd be really concerned about going to the bathroom.

  4. Stare into space. I'm REALLY good at it.


  5. Going to the bathroom was the first thing I thought of too. Of course, in a whiteout, who would know if you copped a squat?

    Then I'd order pizza to be delivered to my car just to be a knucklehead. ;)

  6. go crazy!
    I wouldn't survive
    I'd leave the car and hike it!
    friend took 6 hours 40 mins to go 7 miles in same storm! that's insane!
    could explain why I'm in FL (no snow storms here!)

  7. I used to crochet on long car drives. I write only when I'm really working through a scene. We do long drives often. Its usually catch up time for hubs & I :)

  8. I've spent many hours waiting in cars, LOL. Top choice: my netbook and modem. After that, nothing beats a good book. Unless you're somewhere you can people-watch!