Mom Hair

I admit it. I'm a bit vain about my hair, which until six weeks ago, was one-length and to my waist. A dream of chocolate and auburn swirls that swished around my shoulders and got caught in car doors and supemarket cart spindles. So what possessed me to slice off my locks an inch above my shoulders? Madness. Or was it? Let's compare, shall we?

Long tresses spun of angel tears:
1. Spent a mint on conditioner
2. When pulled back I looked like a librarian on crack
3. When down, I looked like a librarian on crack but younger
4. Never quite got all the baby drool out of it after they shoved locks in their mouths. Not just my babies either, all babies were attracted to my hair as though it were a food group

Mom hair:
1. Now matches my Mom Jeans
2. Age-appropriate -- if I were in my late 60s and rockin' the orthopedic shoes
3. Has been told it's "spunky." Oh god.
4. I don't get trapped like a turtle by my own hair when I lie on it at night

I vote for madness.

What possesses you to do drastic things to your hair?


  1. All of you! Srsly though... I got tired of just pulling it back everyday. I didn't think it looked good down so why have it? I have been told by everyone that I lost 5 years with the cut. Now I wish I did it 5 years ago!
    You look marvelous, dahling!

  2. "I don't get trapped like a turtle by my own hair when I lie on it at night." Okay, that has to be the best benefit to short hair EVER.

    Mom Jeans, really? Surely not. There's that song, Stacey's Mom. You ARE the mom, and you've got it goin' on. Just sayin'. :)

  3. LOVE your hair cut! And I've seen it in person so that makes me an expert. ;)

  4. I really like the new hair cut!!!

    You should follow along with the trend and take a family photo where everyone is wearing matching clothes! LOL

    I wish I could cut my hair, but it has taken so long to grow it out that I just can't bring myself to do it. That, and it makes Civil War re-enactment much easier. Nothing says pain like having to wear a wig under a bonnet in 100 F heat, in addition to ten layers of clothing and a corset.

  5. GAH! I always thought nothing said pain like a jalapeno to the eye but that'll work too.

    Every time I see my hair in the mirror I just close my eyes and think of England (google it).

  6. You look great with short hair! Added bonus: it doesn't tangle in light breezes, no one pets you like a My Little Pony, and if you accidentally shed while cooking, no one pulls out a three-foot-long hair and says, "Well, we know who THIS came from!"

    Even with all that, I'll keep my long hair for a while. Mainly because I have a cowlick in front, so if I have bangs, my hair constantly looks like it's being robbed at gunpoint.

  7. I like the new hair cut! But all it takes is one ill-advised adjective like "spunky" to make you think twice (and too late). I once got blond highlights, even though I dislike blond hair (on me). Not really sure what compelled me. Everyone ELSE loved it, while I bided my time until I could safely color over it.

  8. OMG, this entire post and the comment are cracking me up. I almost wet myself on the turtle line. :)

    Stacey, I think it's great.

    Bug, I agree about the hair. I loved mine so much I wish I'd done it years ago.