Trimming the tentacles

No, no, I don't mean my recent haircut. But more on that later.

Yesterday I opened up a WIP that hasn't seen a lot of action lately due to other projects but it's still close to my heart. Almost. The main characters are strong, there's snappy dialogue and the pacing is good (if I do say so myself), however I have no fargin' idea where it's headed. Point A started off well but on its way to Point B it picked up a load of hitchhikers and sub-plots, making what should have been a great short story/novella into a many-tentacled octopus. I hate calamari.

The ending that was crystal-clear in the beginning is now muddied with pushy sub-characters and their agendas. I have no choice but to be the heavy and snuff a few.

What's your favorite way to kill off a character?

Re: hair. I've had waist-length hair for eight years and it was time for a drastic change. You'll see the new 'do on Thursday, October 21st, with my interview with Northern Virginia Daily (if all goes as planned). Stay tuned~

Latah playahs-

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  1. Favorite way to kill off a character: violently, unexpectedly. Were you thinking of something more specific? ;) I once had a character swallow someone.

  2. Death by harem induced orgasm.

    I love the photo.

  3. In one of my Nano novels, I offed a mouthy moron by squishing him under a giant Buddha at a Chinese restaurant. Moo goo gai splat. ;)

    Can't wait to see the article and your new 'do!