Lions, potato men and Numb -- just another day in Paradise.

I have no idea what this has to do with humankind's inner struggle

Because I love Harley May so, when she said, "Hey Stace, let's make people do evil things in order to win this fabulous ARC from Sean Ferrell for his new book, NUMB." I said, "Where do I sign up?" Like I usually do. Then we braided each other's hair.

Harley's contest was for my interpretation of key scenes in the novel. I, naturally, took the most dangerous, by which I mean what I had on hand, with the lion bitchslapfest. Yes. I made up that word. Bite me, lion.

No. That is not winky on Potato Man, it's an elephant trunk. Mark Henry is just going to have to search elsewhere for debauchery. Sheez, people.


  1. *puzzles*

    *steals winky*

    *giggles at kitty*

  2. LOVES.

    And you madethought of the "bitchslapfest" word a long time ago, remember? I made you mad and you went on and on about some ancient redemption festival....

  3. I found that photo terrifying, and am afraid it will haunt me for years.