Book launch parties and home repair

While I spent the last desperate moments searching for a sophisticated touch to my dress for the DK Publishing/Smithsonian book launch party for NATURAL HISTORY, my husband decided it was time to take down a bathroom wall. The one attached to the closet. With my dress in it. Now, he built the house so he knows his way around a hammer but obviously NOT the stress level of a humor writer invited to a launch in DC. Never having been to one before, I'm dragging him in his big boy pants and my friend, writer/editor, Nancy, along with me so I can appear witty and charming - at least to those two. Too bad I'm now shaking drywall dust out of the sea of navy blue perfection that was my dress.

Here's my question. Is it gauche to take along business cards? What do I do at a launch? Fondle the books then go home? Chat up people within reach? Okay, that was more than one question but do I do anything but nod appreciatively and take photos for y'all? Take cupcakes? Heeeeeeeeeelp!

S'cuze me, a toad just jumped in my lap. Time for summer...  VYOOOLEETTTEE!


  1. Take business cards. (Why not?) Do partake of all free food and drink. Do fondle the books, but don't get any crumbs in them. Chat people up... Did I mention there's a wine bar a block down? Do you need a pre-launch visit to the wine bar?

  2. Take cards! You don't have to hand them out if you feel stupid about it, but if someone asks for one, you'll have 'em. :)


  3. I know I am late chiming in...but I hope you had FUN!