A bit of the ghosties

Good morning, Internet!

If you've been following the Wee Ghosties blog, you may have noticed a bit of weirdness around my house. Not that that's anything new, I found myself snagged on a baby slide yesterday so why should wandering ghosts surprise anyone. The last month or so has stirred up something in the woods and while nothing surprises me ghost-wise after twenty years of chasing them, it's still disconcerting to have them in my living room.

To update:
Weeks ago I saw a child-ghost run through my living room. I've been chasing spirits for a long time and have experienced a lot of... odd... things that I won't quantify as ghosts but merely interesting. This was a flat out vision and that's not something I'm used to. I usually get a heads up with a tingly nose or they pull my hair but this came out of the blue. So, I did what I normally suggest to my families experiencing anomalies and started keeping track in a notebook.

A number of weeks have passed and nothing happened out of the ordinary. Until last night. Getting to bed around 1am on a dark night my husband and I heard a loud crash and a flicker of orange light -not unlike a flame, in the living room (as seen from the hallway). I popped up and went to check, of course nothing was out of the ordinary. I'm not one to panic nor jump to conclusions so went to sleep. Meh. I'd figure it out in the morning.

Daylight brought the usual: breakfast for my husband before he went to work, copious amounts of coffee and the unusual - one of my daughters before the crack of noon during summer vacation. She wondered why I was in her room shouting her name at 8am. Nope. Not me.

I may need to crack open that notebook again.


  1. yea your ghosties are just saying what up! LaMishia

  2. Set up a camera in your living room to catch the ghost kid! I totally want to see it. :3

  3. Ooohhh...my kind of stuff! But now the child ghostie has a mom ghostie floating about who sounds like you. Interesting!

  4. I'd just tell it to go to bed! Rotten kid, keeping me up... grrrr.

  5. Gives me hoogacious goosebumps, Stace, but I think it's fascinating. Please keep us posted.

  6. Anything ghostly fascinates me. I second the, "please keep us posted". :)