I love the rainy nights -- oooh. oooh.

Ahhh, I love rain. I spent my teenage years/early adulthood in Oregon and rainy days have always affected me creatively. I think it's the reduction in sunlight. Suddenly reality become a little less defined and life is slower. People are calmer and everyone wants to snuggle. This weekend was spent working on the Zombie Dating Guide website and watching movies with the kids while it poured outside. I.loved.every.minute.

Since moving to the East Coast, many of my soft rainy days have been replaced with oppressive humidity and comehither sunshine that demands attention. My hobbies have changed from crafting and reading to more writing and ghost chasing - does the extra Vitamin D have something to do with increased activity or am I just running after more kids? ;) As the rain moved in this weekend, I crawled back into Oregon mode and enjoyed my webbed feet once more.

This, naturally, brings me to today's question. If you were hit by a meteorite on your wedding day and became a 50 ft woman, what would you call yourself as your new superhero name? Wait. Sorry. I'm watching Monsters v. Aliens with Vyolette and that kind of slipped in there. (I'd probably stick with Susan. Or be thinking about where the heck I'd find a bra in a size 465 ZZZ) Oooor, we could go with: how does the weather effect your creativity? Do you find where you are makes no difference in how you approach projects or do they change with the climate?

photo courtesy of freefoto.com


  1. ROFLOL! I just finished my post for tomorrow complaining about the rain and how I don't have an excuse to procrastinate with my WIP. :D Oregon teased us this month with some sunshine which put me in a gardening mood, but then it started raining for a week straight. I'm ready for some sun, and an excuse not to proceed with my current rough draft!! :D

  2. I'm more creative and function better w/sunlight and bright skies :)
    guess that's why I'm in FL! lol

  3. i have to agree that i do better with bright skies and sunshine, however, if the mood of what im writing calls for rain and thunderstorms it actually helps

  4. I love that picture.

    Weather doesn't necessarily set the mood for my writing, but I won't turn down a cool and rainy creative day. :)

  5. I function much better in doom and gloom, at least when it comes to being creative. It's a wonder I wrote anything at all in Mexico.

  6. Rain gives me such a relaxed feeling. And it creates the perfect atmosphere for me to write in.

    The sun makes me feel more vibrant, energetic. I love to go out and take advantage of them since they're rare here.

    Ideally, I love hot, sunny days and rainy nights.