Baaaa. Whom do you follow (blog-wise, stalking offline doesn't count)?

I am an intermittent reader of blogs. I love them, collect them, share them with my friends then invariably wander off because I have the attention span of carpet fluff. However, I do get reigned back in about every two weeks and settle down with a pot of coffee to go through my favorites via Google Reader. I have currently 42. I need more coffee.

I'm curious to see what are some of your favorite blogs? Are they about writing? Life? Writing about life? Do you prefer photos of happy smiling children or straight talk aout business? I love funny blogs, publishing blogs and small business blogs because I still have that granola empire floating around in the back of my mind. Hmmmm, hey Dawn, how about a granola cookbook after the zombies? ;)

Here are just a few of my favorites, please check my link list for more-

Humor blogs:
  • An Army of Ermas: I admit, I'm biased on this one since I own it BUT these folks are seriously funny.
  • Mind over Mullis: Fellow Erma and one of the funniest women I know, I'm waiting for her reality show debut featuring giraffes in stretchy pants.
  • Dooce: Trust me.
  • Harley May: Another Erma and going places fasssssssst. And she says I'm pretty. She obviously has excellent taste in writers.
  • Wisecrack Zodiac: I told you I like my Ermas. Beth Bartlett's great horoscope blog is looking for an agent, I can't recommend her enough! The writing is sharp, witty and makes that full moon staring you in the face when you turn around in the mirror seem less of a cosmic joke and more of a sign from the universe telling you to lay off the ding-dongs.
  • The Zebra Rag: Yep, another Erma. Angie Mansfield's take on "All the news that's unfit to print." The girl has a serious zombie complex - isn't she fabulous?

Publishing blogs:
  • Red Sofa Literary : My agent, Dawn Frederick, and my partner in this crazy business. Her blog was a great help in determining if we'd be a good fit before I queried. I knew when I sent off the initial email with a big smile on my face that good things would come!
  • The Swivet: Colleen Lindsay from FinePrint Literary Management. Love her and love her (sometimes) orange hair.
  • Agent in the Middle: My editor for HUNGRY FOR YOUR LOVE, Lori Perkin's blog. :)
  • Nathan Bransford: Agent for Curtis Brown and all around good friend to writers. Excellent advice.
  • Query Shark
  • WOW! Women on Writing: Love these writers, great tips!

I love my author blogs, yes, yes I do:
  • Jason Tudor: Brilliant, funny and yes, he did pay me to say that.
  • Hoosblog: Melanie Avila, pre-published and rockin' the red velour track suit.
  • Editing Hat: Adam Slade's great blog on his road to publication. Look for A Reaper's Tale: The Undecided from Lyrical Press on May 17th! Yes, money exchanged hands for this promo too. Darn these FCC regulations. ;)
  • Something She Wrote: Janna Qualman's blog that is building quite a community!
  • Sharyn McCrumb: Simply my favorite author in the whole wide world. :) (She didn't pay me to say this, I've just been a huge fan for fifteen years)
  • JuneBug Kramin: I'm still trying to pronounce the name of that fish that Jennifer Caddell at Writing Builds Characters was having trouble with in Hawaii. Luckily, Bug can say it with her eyes closed. She assured me that was a talent... somewhere.

There are many many more in the links but Barbie Pegasus (and the zombies) are calling and I need to refresh my coffeepot else my blood runs dry.

I'd love to add your favorite blogs to my link list, whatcha got?

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  1. Woop! I got a mention! ;-)

    To be honest, most of my favourites are already frequented by you. :)

    I was going to recommend Writer Revealed, but you commented on it earlier, so you're likely aware of its awesomeness.


  2. *puts Stacy on ignore*

    *changes mind - sends money*

  3. You are giving out a lot of great love today!

    Love back. :)

  4. Holy smokes, y'all are fast! I was still going through my list and updating, lol! (pockets money from Bug)

  5. Great list - I'm going to check these out!

  6. Stacey, thanks. I'm privileged to share the Internet with you and the others.

  7. Thanks for the mention! I think you're pretty, too; I'm just to shy to say so. I read a lot of the same blogs you do, but also have limited attention capacity and, though I mean to, rarely stick around long enough to comm. . .Oh look! A butterfly!

  8. Its good to have a nimble tongue. Just sayin'...

    Thanks for the blog plug!

  9. Will.Not.Respond.


    DANG IT!

  10. Why am I always WEARING the red tracksuit whenever it gets a mention? I swear I don't live in this thing.

    Thanks for the love, love. I follow over 100 blogs but I'm going to have to cut back now that I have a ft job. I like a mix of writing, publishing industry, and silly everyday blogs. LOVE Dooce.

  11. (Mel lies, she lives for red velour.)



  12. Nice list. I already read and enjoy some of them. Will check out some others when I have a chance. :)

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