When Lois Gresh asked HFYL authors for a quick blurb on how we came up with our ideas for our zombie romances, I thought long and hard about it. Then was distracted and needed a cookie, thus I totally messed up the whole "idea" part of the blurb and wrote a few lines about, well, me. Pretentious much, Stace?

"Stacey Graham is a lifelong zombie enthusiast. Wait. Lifelong and zombie is a bit of an oxymoron. How about "doesn't mind it when they go through the garbage looking for spoiled meat products"? Yep. That has more of a zing.

Eye of the Beholder is Stacey's first foray into zombie romance though she's dated men that would fall under that category. She is currently working on her first humor title, THE ZOMBIE DATING GUIDE: RELATIONSHIPS FOR THE REANIMATED and looking for an agent who can appreciate the subtle nuances of Undead lovin'."

Yes. I managed to work in that I was looking for an agent because I'm incorrigible. However, this did get me thinking about what my writer friends' blurbs would look like when the day comes to promote yourself on the back cover. Or billboard, in my case. Whatcha got?

Stace's note: Blogger hates zombies. So much so that it refuses to let me comment on many of my posts so please know I am reading and lovin' the feedback while impotently trying to respond on this side. xoxo Stace


  1. How's this?
    Jan Kozlowski has loved zombies since she almost vomited her Friendly's Chicken Sandwich all over the dashboard of her boyfriend's station wagon while watching the BBQ scene in Romero's masterpiece, the original Night of the Living Dead. Here's hoping this book makes a similar lifelong impression on you!

  2. Well... this is what I use:

    Dana Fredsti is ex B-movie actress with a background in theatrical sword-fighting. Through seven plus years of volunteering at EFBC/FCC (Exotic Feline Breeding Facility/Feline Conservation Center), Dana's had a full-grown leopard sit on her feet, kissed by tigers, held baby jaguars and had her thumb sucked by an ocelot with nursing issues. She's addicted to bad movies and any book or film, good or bad, which include zombies. Her other hobbies include surfing (badly), collecting beach glass (obsessively), and wine tasting (happily).

  3. After publishing dark humor and weird fiction for years, Lois ended up supporting her children by scrounging up freelance writing assignments around town and writing pop books. The little Gresh family shared quarter-sized napkins and read books by the one remaining 60-watt bulb in The Dump. Their skin was yellow and their hair was green from the slime in the cancer water pumped out of the well. By working 16+ hours/day 7 days/week for 12 years and pulling 2 all-nighters every week, Lois somehow managed to squeeze in time to write 5 novels and dozens of stories. She is now a zombie.

    Email: DeadThing@PitsOHell.com

  4. I'm totally belated in posting here, but ironically I was just thinking today that you have the best bio, and mine sucks. I don't know why I can't be witty and funny when it comes to marketing myself.

    (and congratulations!)